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Pagan Fiction Award finalist - "A Nose for Magic"

So I got a phone call a couple weeks ago from the publisher of BBI Media letting me know that my story, "A Nose for Magic," is a finalist in the Pagan Fiction Award contest and is slated for publication in their anthology. Unfortunately, I missed the call and it went to my voice mail, but she left a return number. So the next day, I called back . . . and got her voice mail. In addition to leaving a message, I sent her an email.

Several days passed as I gnawed my fingertips (as my nails have, long, long ago, been worn to nubbins). Realizing I needed my fingertips to type with, I emailed the editor.

Crickets chirping.

Agh! Had I been smited by the gods of communication? Had it been a mistake? Did my story actually suck, and they dialed my number in error? Aghhh! *twitch*

But then last night, I got the official press release:

PanGaia Magazine and Llewellyn Publications are pleased to announce the finalists from the Pagan Fiction Award contest. These thirteen stories, listed alphabetically by title, earned the top scores:

• "The Bitter Herbs of Camelot" by A.C. Fisher Aldag
• "Black Doe" by Vylar Kaftan (Yay! Another score for fellow Launchpadee and all around rawking grrl, Vy!)
• "Dead and (Mostly) Gone" by Deborah Blake
• "Draw Down" by Alex Bledsoe
• "From Our Minds to Yours" by C.S. MacCath
• "A Nose for Magic" by Eugie Foster
• "The Rune Hag's Daughter" by Linda Steele (endelarin)
• "Seabird" by Paula R. Stiles
• "Selk River" by Melodie Bolt
• "Silkie's Diary" by A.C. Fisher Aldag
• "Under a Double Rainbow" by Sophie Mouette (safirasilv's alter ego)
• "A Valkyrie Among Jews" by April
• "We Have Come Home" by A.L. Waldron

First, second, and third prize winners chosen from this list of finalists will be announced at Pantheacon, taking place in San Jose, California February 15-18, 2008.

The stories will appear in a book titled Pagan Fiction Anthology: 13 Best New Pagan Voices to be published by Llewellyn in October 2008.

I'm verily pleased that this story found a good home. It was inspired by and features Hobkin. So, herein, a couple pictures of my non-crack-whore, fuzzy muse:

A close-up of Hobkin's inspirational nose.


(More) Writing Stuff

• Note from the Cricket folks letting me know that my story, "When Shakko Did Not Lie," is slated for publication in their January 2008 issue. Woot!

New Words/Editing:
• An editing pass to get my focus back and 250 words on "White Rabbit" (4750/5500). Although the word count was pretty unimpressive, I made good headway on the story progression. I guess I should listen to my crack-whore muse when she drags her feet. I needed a scene in there to establish foreshadowing, and I didn't realize it. Now that it's there, I think the rest will progress at a good clip. I hope. I'd really like to get this baby to zero draft by week's end.

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