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Eugie · Foster's · Self-Indulgent · Musings

Day After Halloween, and all is (mostly) well.

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Happy Day After Halloween! It was a pretty low key All Hallows for us. Didn't even costume up, not counting my Happy Bunny jammies.

dude_the is here, escaping the Midwest, and we watched The Sixth Sense. And I did not need to cover my eyes, nor did I insist on having fosteronfilm accompany me throughout the house so I wouldn't be alone in any room . . . unlike the first time I saw it.

In other news, Comcrap annoys me. A lot. They're in the process of overhauling their online storage setup, and it's kyboshing every site that I link images to: my LJ, MySpace, etc. It's been messed up for weeks now, so I finally contacted their unhelpful help people to nag them about it. Outcome: "They're working on it." *grumble* They don't even have a status board or anything that I can check in on. If they weren't the only outfit in the area that provides cable broadband, I'd switch faster than it takes to fling a hamster in the general direction of the support folks in India.


Writing Stuff

Got a note from a student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She'd heard the Escape Pod production of "The Snow Woman's Daughter" and wanted my permission (and a copy of the text) to illustrate it for a school project. Shiny!

Not only do I believe in supporting students, but I also love seeing how artists interpret my stories. So I sent her a PDF along with my a-ok.

- My November Writing for Young Readers column is up: "Worldbuilding Considerations for the Children's Writer."

New Words/Editing:
- Did an editing pass on the new story I'm writing for the Datlow/Windling anthology to get me back into the swing of it. Cut about 200 words from where I left off, putting it at 3570 words (out of 5.5K or so, I'm hoping).

It's always sort of scary coming back to a WiP after a hiatus. Will it suck? Will I know where I was going with it? Will I be able to pick up the threads of my inspiration?

After the editing pass, I don't think it sucks (whew), I know where I'm going with it (whew), and my inspiration is still perky (WHEW). Charge!

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On November 6th, 2007 03:34 pm (UTC), eugie commented:
I always welcome your input, Steve! I might not agree with it, but I'm always glad to get it.
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