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My plate o'hamsters is less overfloweth

Things aren't yet to an even keel, but they're getting there. I've had several nights in a row now where I've been able to get more than five hours of sleep (sometimes up to a full eight!), running The Fix is almost to the point of day-to-day routine (still a few outstanding items that need taking care of), this is the last week of the Worldbuilding for Writers workshop I've been conducting all month, and my November Writing for Young Readers column is mostly written.


I should have all my "t"s crossed and my "i"s dotted just in time for . . . the holidays . . . and then the legislative session begins. Glargh!

Stupid hamsters.


Writing Stuff

I saw on douglascohen's LJ from the 13th (yah, I'm way behind on my flist) that Shawna liked and will be buying my story, "Daughter of Bótù" for Realms of Fantasy. Woohoo!

This was the story (previously titled, "Fire Rabbit of the Clan of Bótù") that I wrote for the Ellen Datlow/Terri Windling anthology but which ended up being too long (I'm in the middle of a new story to send to the Datlow/Windling dynamic duo), so I'm absolutely tickled that I was able to find it such a good home.

Congrats also to jimvanpelt, Euan Harvey, and vylar_kaftan (one of my fellow LaunchPadees!) who also made RoF sales from that slush batch!

New Words:
- 1500 on my Writing for Young Readers column, tentatively titled, "Worldbuilding in 2000 words or less."

- Word from the editor that will be cutting back its publication schedule and going to a quarterly timetable at the open of 2008, which means that my Writing for Young Readers column gig will be coming to a close then. At Moira's recommendation and urging, I queried another publication, asking whether they'd be interested in picking it up, but haven't heard back. I'll be sad if I have to lay this hamster aside, as I've liked wearing my columnist's hat, but it's probably for the best (I tell myself). It's just not in my nature to put a hamster down, even if I am elbow-deep in the little nippers, so having one hie itself back to the wild is probably a good thing.
- Note from the Cricket folks that my story, "The Raven's Brocade," is slated for their December issue. Woot!
- My Magic in the Mirrorstone contrib. copies. Shiny hardcover goodness!

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