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Where do we go from here?/Why is the path unclear?

So I'm at a bothersome "what next?" juncture in my ceaseless cycle of hamster juggling.

I've just finished (*crossed fingers*) one story and gotten caught up with many of the outstanding tasks and correspondences which built up due to Dragon*Con. But I'm so not at leisure to twiddle my thumbs; there remain several fairly major tasks glaring at me in my "to-do" list, including the wistful hem of my languishing novel-in-progress, another couple short stories for anthologies I've been invited to submit to, and various and sundry writing-related projects. But I'm undecided as to which one to pick up next. And worse, I've got an insidious urge to procrastinate.

Sigh. When I've got too many items flying at me to possibly stay on top of, I don't have to pep-talk myself into getting stuff done. I'm perpetually in full-speed-ahead triage mode. I need every minute to be productive just to avoid being overrun by a stampede of hamsters. But that's a recipe for nervous breakdown and burnout . . . and nippy hamsters.

There's gotta be a happy medium, dammit.


Writing Stuff

Publishers Weekly reviewed So Fey in their 9/17 issue:

"Despite its provocative title and aggressive opening vignette, sex and sexuality fade into the background of Berman's quiet compilation of fantasy tales . . . Most tales also feature classic Shakespearean or Celtic-inspired faerie folk, though Eugie Foster's 'Year of the Fox' and Craig Laurance Gidney's 'A Bird of Ice' draw effectively on Asian motifs . . . this anthology is wholly readable and likely to engage general readers as well as its target audience."

Not too shabby, all in all. And I'm tickled that my story got a mention, even if it's only to say that it "draws effectively on Asian motifs."

- Payment from Hasbro (!) for "Princess Bufo marinus, I Call Her Amy" in Magic in the Mirrorstone. Me likie payment on acceptance.
- My contrib. copy of Heroes In Training. This anthology marks another writerly milestone, my first appearance in a mass market paperback, as well as the achievement of one of my first writing goals, to be published in a DAW anthology. Much wooting and book petting.

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