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Even Keel Sighted

With most of my Dragon*Con post-convention to-do items squared away, things are finally settling back into what serves as manageable routine for me. I've still got too many hamsters in the air, but not so many that I'm perpetually in a state of stressed out frenzy. I'd much rather be busy than bored, but another month like August would send me, twitching and whimpering, to the comforts of my very own padded cell. This year has been hella manic. And I'm still behind on a couple very outstanding projects . . .

Hobkin has started putting on his winter coat, and he's been gaining a bit of weight. Ergo, it's official; he's metamorphosing from a cranky Summer Skunk into a laid back Autumn Skunk, although there's still plenty of episodes of huffing and stomping at Chez Foster. The fuzzwit only becomes truly mellow when he's a Winter Skunk. But his thicker, softer coat is a delight to snuggle with, and even though I get anxious about too much weight gain, the plump look suits him:

I wonder if he was having yummy dreams.

In other news, yakdog and co. have invited me and fosteronfilm to be guests at Play On Con, a new SF convention in Birmingham, Alabama, debuting over the July 4th weekend next year (2008). Of course we agreed, plus I believe they've also invited jackzodiac to be a guest, and where Davey goes, fun is guaranteed to ensueth.


Writing Stuff

I'll be conducting an online workshop, "Worldbuilding for Writers: Transporting Readers Beyond the Ordinary," during October, sponsored by the Carolina Romance Writers Association. Registration: CRW members - $15; Non-CRW members - $20.
Deadline: Sept. 25.

- Saw that Absolute Write reprinted my article, "Ten Myths About Writing for Kids" (in two parts), in August, and before I could even go "hmm, I wonder when they'll pay me," I got a "you've got cash" email from PayPal. Yay!

New Words:
- Almost 400 words on "Change of Heart" after a detailed rewrite request from mroctober, including an appeal for a new title. It seems that I overdid it in my effort to establish and maintain an exciting pace in my first version, and it ended up coming across not so much exciting as frenetic. Snartleblast. This is a first, an editor saying a story read too fast. Hoping it's not a trend. Pacing is such a tricksy element to do well.

Nearly finished with the rewrite, and the new title (subject, as always, to editorial decree) shall be "Requiem Duet, Concerto for Flute and Voodoo."

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