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Dragon*Con 2007 part 2

Still recovering from D*C'07. fosteronfilm has a touch of the Con Crud, and I'm recovering from forgetting to take my Imuran for several days in there. (Whoops.) dude_the wants to establish a system for next year so I don't forget again. Probably a good idea.

I took very few pictures at the con this year, basically only of folks I know when I remembered to pull out the camera. Herein the ones I got:

My DC2K writers group annual dinner with Ann Crispin. From left to right: Lisa, Nancy, Teresa, Ann, orig_ladycat, reddherring1955, Gwen, aldeygirl.

Three of us wore corsets this year: Me, Debbie, and canadiansuzanne. Maybe I can get all of us in them next year?

This is Jeremy, the resolution writer in the OLC last session. Hee! My workplace harbors teh geekdom.

dude_the trying on a utilikilt.

canadiansuzanne took a lot more pix of D*C07. Check out her Dragon*Con 2007 photo set on Flickr.

Short End magazine did a video interview with fosteronfilm during the convention. They don’t quite have the aspect ratio thing down, but I think it was a pretty spiffy interview:


Writing Stuff

More details on the reading mroctober, Catherine Lundoff, and I are doing for So Fey. It's going to be at Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse (Atlanta) on Thur. Oct. 4, 8PM. Woo! The reading I did on Saturday at D*C was actually quite enjoyable, so I'm both looking forward to this as well as panic-stricken. It's an improvement . . .


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