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Dragon*Con OMG

dude_the is here, hurray! He flew in this morning. (Flappity.) fosteronfilm immediately put him to work on Film Track stuff, and I swiped some of his time to help me with Daily Dragon tasks.

Got the Pocket Program PDF this morning and posted it to the Daily Dragon website. Also had a chance to look over my complete Dragon*Con 2007 guest schedule.


- Noon "Marketing Short Fiction" guest lecture for Ann Crispin's Beginner Writers workshop.
- 2:30PM "In the Beginning" (Writ) with Lawrence Barker, Aaron Allston, & Eric Griffin.
- 4:00PM "Villains and Bad Boys of YA" (YA Lit) with Davey Beauchamp, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, & Kathleen David

- Noon (tentative) Volunteer Vixens calendar signing.
- 2:30PM Dragon*Reading

- 11:30AM "Oh, the Horror of It" (Writ) with Keith R.A. DeCandido, Bill Fogarty, Lloyd Kaufman, & Jack Ketchum.
- Noon (tentative) Volunteer Vixens calendar signing.
- 4:00PM Aberrant Dreams: The Awakening Dragon*Reading with Lawrence Barker, Chesya Burke, Jack McDevitt, Jana Oliver, & John C. Snider (I have no idea how six people are all going to give readings in a one-hour slot).
- 8:30PM "Now, that's Funny!" (Writ) with Robert Asprin, Bruce Gehweiler, Michael N. Langford, Brad Strickland, Michelle Roper, & Berta Platas.

- 11:30AM Dragon*Autograph signing.

There's no way. Absolutely no way I can do all of these, run the Daily Dragon, and manage to stay out of a padded cell and straight jacket.

I already know I'm bowing out of the Monday signing. I mean, I can't imagine anyone's really going to queue up to get my autograph, and if they really want my scribble, they can come to my panels or, heck, find me in the Daily Dragon room. I'm also not making the second Volunteer Vixen calendar signing. It conflicts with my 11:30 panel, and, again, I'm pretty easy to find if someone really wants my siggy.

But after those, I'm going to have to do some pondering to figure out what next to drop--and I'm going to have to cancel several of these in order to have a marginally sane schedule.


Stress. Much, much stress.


Writing Stuff

New Words:
- About 500 words on next month's Writing for Young Reader's column. The topic is "Finding Time to Write," which I thought was a sweet little irony for this month's column. Of course, I'm so slammed right now, I'm scrounging through couch cushions and under the bed for the time to finish the thing. Mmmf.
- Got to "the end" for the story for mroctober on Friday, but it needs polishing and first/beta readering. It ended up clocking in at 6.2K words. Probably will cut it a bit in my rewrite passes.

- Got a note from mroctober. So Fey is now out, huzzah! We're doing a signing for it in Atlanta in October. Stay tuned for details!

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