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Adventures in Psychiatry

Announcement: We've done away with our land line. In lieu of it, we got another cell phone so now have "his" and "her" phone numbers. For folks wishing to call me, use our "cell phone" number. For folks wishing to call fosteronfilm, use our old land line number. Please do not text message us as we'd rather get an email or voice call (and don't want to pay the additional fee).

Saw my (a new one, actually) pdoc and got my Adderall prescription upped from 20mg to 25mg. At first the doctor was puzzled as to why I was concerned about tolerance symptoms and striving to take weekly Adderall holidays, and then I realized she thought I took it to treat ADD. But I don't have ADD; I take Adderall to counter Lupus/MCTD-related fatigue.

Seems the colossally incompetent nurse practitioner I saw last year, who bullied and lied to me to get me to take Celexa, hadn't bothered to determine the reason the doctor had prescribed Adderall for me originally, and had simply entered in the usual diagnosis for said script. And it's lingered in the computers all this time . This is the same woman who told me--after a single, Likert scale questionnaire upon which I indicated that I was stressed (being unemployed at the time) and sleeping erratically--that I'd end up in a hospital if I didn't get back on antidepressants.

I still get irked when I think of the hubris and presumption of that woman! I mean 1. She wasn't a doctor; 2. That was the first time she'd ever seen me, and she hadn't even exchanged more than a couple sentences with me before proclaiming me on the verge of institutionalization; 3. She never asked why I was prescribed any of the psychotropics I was on or had been taking, when a single question would have informed her that I've never been diagnosed with or suffered from severe depression*; and 4. Telling a patient that they'll "end up in the hospital" after less than five minutes of in-person interaction is egregiously irresponsible unto malpractice.

And now I discover that she entered in an incorrect diagnosis, too. That woman's a menace. I hope someone gets her out of patient care and puts her someplace safe, like dish washing or ditch digging or something, anything which doesn't involve anyone's health, welfare, and/or wellbeing.

But, anyway, we got me straightened out in the computer. Finally. Haven't really noticed much change between 20mg and 25mg. I'm still relying on caffeine to boost me up to productive energy levels.

*I have suffered from borderline mild depression--diagnosed by an actual doctor who talked to me and discussed my emotional state with me before jumping on the "give her antidepressants" bandwagon--but there's a huge difference between feeling unmotivated and irascible (mild depression) and needing to be hospitalized (severe depression with psychotic features). Glargh.


Writing Stuff

Much and many things to accomplish in the next few weeks. terracinque, fosteronfilm, and I are helping dire_epiphany out by editing the guest bios for the Dragon*Con program book. Deadline: Monday. I need to write/complete two stories by month's end, preferably three although I've got more of a deadline on that one. And then there's Dragon*Con. Eep.

- Hold request from new podcast 'zine, PodCastle (sister to Escape Pod and Pseudopod).
- Note from Jetse de Vries that the story he held from Interzone's May electronic submission period for a second read made the cut and is being sent on to the editorial horde for discussion and debate. Crossed fingers galore!

New Words:
- 1700 words on the short story I'm writing for mroctober's anthology project. Working title: "Hollow."

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