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Launch Pad: Day 0, Sunday

In Laramie, WY, settled in my Launch Pad digs, piggybacking on some stranger's WiFi. Each workshop participant has their own student apartment with their own kitchenettes, bedrooms, and living rooms. But I had to rethink my "hotel" expectations when packing, and change settings to "apartment."

Jerry Weinberg arrived on Saturday and emailed the group with a "what to expect" and informed us that there are no hangers or paper towels. So I snagged some travel hangers; not enough as it turns out, but enough to make due. There's also no television. Not a problem on the program-watching side, but a bit perplexing at bedtime. I'm accustomed to sleeping with the sound and light of a television playing, and I had a hard time getting to sleep without one. But, then I turned to my trusty laptop, set some Enya on repeat, and turned on the Windows Media Player visualizations. Voila, sleep.

The flight in was smooth. I was nestled between an elderly lady who was grumpy because she couldn't get a pillow (they apparently don't have those on AirTran) and a little girl flying alone, all three of us of different races (White, Asian, Black). Looking at the row of us, I had a moment's thought of "crone matron maiden," but I don't like thinking of myself as "matron," and the little girl was too young to be what I envision as "maiden." Perhaps "grandma, grown-up, girl" would be more accurate.

We were stuck right behind business class, so there were only two tray tables for three of us, and I was curious to see how that would resolve itself. As it turns out, none of us used them. Neither grandma nor girl put theirs down when the complimentary drink service came around, and as they didn't, I didn't have to choose which one to use. Interesting that we all saw the peculiar little social puzzle and simply avoided it.

Caught a little bit of turbulence heading towards Denver, which I always enjoy (as long as it doesn't go longer than a second or two), but it freaked the little girl, who gasped in dismay every time, and grandma didn’t seem thrilled either.

Met all my Launch Pad workshop mates and instructors. Finally got to meet folks who I've only known as online presences, like ktempest and samhenderson. Yay! We all went out for dinner at a brew pub, and I sat with Vonda McIntryre, Jerry Oltion, and Samantha Henderson. I felt rather wide-eyed at the company I was in, not only 'cause of their amazing writerly accomplishments (and yes, the first chance I got, despite my intentions not to gush and squee, I did indeed gush and squee at Vonda, who was very gracious and warm and didn't go running in the other direction), but I just don't have much opportunity to hang with other writers. And, y'know, I really lubs it. Like-minded folks, ooo. Can't wait for the workshop to begin.

The syllabus lists a "pre-test" for this morning, which has me a bit anxious. Makes me twitchy about "should I have studied up"? I actually started to brush up on some Astronomy 101, but at around Venus, I figured I'd just let the woeful state of my astronomy knowledge flap free in all its shameful glory. After all, to help rectify that is the purpose of this workshop.
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