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On headaches and packing

Had a really terrible night due to a tension headache that'd been plaguing me for most of the day. At first, the pain wasn't that bad, but it kept building and building. And I didn't want to take anything because OTC analgesics inevitably make my wing stubs ache--I don't know why--and if the headache will go away on its own, I'd rather not have to deal with backlash wing stub issues.

By bedtime, the pain had gotten so bad I was reduced to tears and couldn't tolerate even dim light or muted sounds. So yah, at that point I gave in and popped pills. But by the time they kicked in enough so that I could sleep, it was pretty late.


However, I'm getting pretty stoked about the Launch Pad workshop, although my sense of perplexed with regard to packing is ramping up exponentially. I've started checking, and the 10-day forecast for Laramie, WY, lists daily highs up to 84 (Fahrenheit) and lows down to 48. Obviously, I shall be packing layers. But the trick will be not to have to bring half a dozen suitcases to transport the equivalent of a week's worth of two or three outfits a day. Um.


Writing Stuff

I have convention envy. I wasn't able to go to Readercon nor WisCon, and I won't be going to WorldCon or World Fantasy neither. Don't get me wrong, I lubs Dragon*Con, but I wish I could make it to more of the SF publishing industry conventions . I feel like I'm missing out on opportunities to meet and hang with fellow writers and editors. Problem is, I simply can't afford to go, even with them being tax deductible and all. Sigh.

Maybe next year.

- "Living with a Shoulder Monster" in Aberrant Dreams. Free fiction, yo!

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