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Friday spacegirl

This weekend was for catching up on my sleep. I've been struggling with insomnia this whole week, and I don't want to get sick before (or during) my trip to Wyoming.

Friday we did my Volunteer Vixens spacegirl photo shoot. The setting was the Fernbank Science Center, which I'd never been to before. It was a fantastic backdrop! Some sneak peeks:

Yes, I have a raygun.

The planetarium, two stories up. I was perched on a wall looking down, trying very hard not to 1. look as scared and vertiginous as I felt and 2. fall to my death. fosteronfilm and tk0667 were crouched behind the wall, ready to grab me if I should topple forward, and I was too afraid to adjust my position . . . or move really.

But the pictures turned out nice.

(Photos by Dean Ansley.)


Writing Stuff

- 27-day reprint sale of my nonfiction article, "10 Myths About Writing for Kids," to Absolute Write.
- 24-day "close but . . . " from Shimmer with invite to submit again.
- 7-day no grabbie from JJA of F&SF (sigh).

- My author's notes for "Beauty's Folly" (out now in issue #5 of IGMS) in the editor's blog.
- "The Conviction of Praxis" in issue #3 of Spacesuits & Sixguns

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