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Weekend not so productive

Slept pretty crappy last night. Don't think I would've gotten to sleep at all, except fosteronfilm saw I was having a bad night and came over to cuddle me and rub my back. I lubs my hubby. Of course, then I had disturbing dreams (that I can't remember now--which is probably just as well), and I've got a sinus headache. Blah. Not a good start to the week.

But, so this post isn't just me whining, here's a picture of Hobkin, who does not suffer from insomnia:


Writing Stuff

This weekend wasn't as productive, writing-wise, as I thought it was going to be. fosteronfilm was planning on attending a director's workshop, and I figured I'd spend the time he was gone writing. But his workshop was canceled at the last minute, and I spent my time catching up on Tangent and other outstanding writing-related tasks . . . but not actually writing. Sigh.

On an up note, my home office isn't a safety hazard anymore, just an obstacle course. But at least all the books, magazines, and loose paper are now in tidy stacks rather than strewn in a perilous mess on the floor.

I need to get back on the words-on-the-page horse, or err, hamster.

- "Beauty's Folly" in issue #5 of OSC's InterGalactic Medicine Show. I'm sharing a ToC with Peter S. Beagle!
- "The Center of the Universe" in issue #5 of Helix
- "The Life and Times of Penguin" (reprint) in Part III, the Summer 2007 issue of Farrago's Wainscot.

- Note from Aberrant Dreams that "Living with a Shoulder Monster" will be published in July. Yay!
- Email from mroctober with the preliminary cover art for the Magic in the Mirrorstone anthology. It's puuuurty:

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