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Single Malt Who and fresh veggies

The stars finally aligned and fosteronfilm and I were able to make it to another of sfeley's Single Malt Who shindigs last night. We had dinner at Pizza Café and then hung out at/with the Eleys (sfeley and afeley) and a bunch of other cool folks. Watched a Doctor Who episode and gabbed. And there was some scotch drinking (although not by me). Much fun and excellent company.

And britzkrieg very kindly dropped off some fresh veggies from her garden: peppers and cherry tomatoes and a zucchini! I lubs fresh vegetables. They always taste so much better than the stuff at the grocery store.


Writing Stuff

I got a note from Ellen Datlow letting contributors know that she and Terri Windling have bought a lot of long (10Kish-word) stories for their anthology and to please keep future submissions short.

Urk. "Fire Rabbit" clocks in at 9.3K works.

So, after much agonizing, I emailed her asking whether the length essentially knocked me out of a chance for an anthology slot, and, as I feared, the answer was "yes." But she was kind enough to look at it anyway before confirming that it was indeed a no go. However, she very graciously said I could take another shot at it, which I am (ye verily) gladdened about.

So another write-a-thon is imminent. Except, currently, I've got little time to write during the day. The page proofs of the updated O.C.G.A. from the 2007 session came in, and until we finish editing all 45 volumes/supplements, there's much less downtime at work.

My hamsters keep breeding, the lil buggers.

- Contrib. copies of the newly published reprint of "The Wizard of Eternal Watch" in Best New Romantic Fantasy 2. Hurray! It's a gorgeous book, although I was a little chagrined to see that the title was listed as "Wizard of the Eternal Watch" in the ToC. Fortunately, it's correct for the story itself.

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