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Photo shoot and setting down some hamsters

The Volunteer Vixens photo shoot on Saturday went well. The swimsuit/bikini shot was done at a private residence. Our wonderful hostesses had a backyard pool/spa/waterfall--a gorgeous, decadently lush setting. Absolutely perfect. I did, however, get nailed by a couple bitey bugs within minutes of stepping outside and experienced a mild allergic reaction to an abrasion on my leg from the sand or rocks around the spa. Typical. The outdoors hates me. But, I am assured that the red welts can be PhotoShopped out.

After we broke for lunch, we met up for the cover shot, which was at the MMI warehouse. The theme, to match the charity, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer foundation, was pink and black. Now pink is not a color found in my wardrobe, and I was at something of a loss--not wanting to buy a pink dress or somesuch that I'd never wear again. Thanks to my fellow Volunteer Vixen, Ariel, I had a fallback--a pink off-the-shoulder top, but I didn't know what to wear with it. So on Friday, I went tearing around the house, trying to put together an outfit.

And, serendipity. I found a unitard I'd forgotten about--part of a costume for a modern dance show lo these many years ago when I was still in shape--shoved away in a drawer. The original costume was a white unitard dyed for the performances in streaks of (supposedly) purple and red, but the dye ended up mostly . . . pink. It'd also had dark, wing-like streamers of cloth sewed to shoulders, leg, and side which had been summarily removed at some point before I stored it away. But yes, there it was: a pink unitard.

La! So for the cover shot, I wore this:


Writing Stuff

I've come to the realization that I'm still juggling too many hamsters. The lil squeakers are beginning to get nippy when I drop 'em, and I feeling more and more guilty when I can't keep them all in the air. Therefore, sadly and with reluctance, I've resigned from my position as The Town Drunk's assistant managing editor. I enjoyed seeing that side of the publishing biz and sampling its wares (slush diving!), but there are only a finite number of hours in my week, and all my hamsters are eating into my writing time.

I'm very grateful to britzkrieg for the opportunity and experience.

I've also gone on hiatus at Critters. I haven't done a crit. there in ages, and I feel too guilty to post my stuff without giving back in return. Plus, I've been wanting to focus more on my DC2K and Critter Litter writers group.

- Contract from Tekno Books for the electronic rights for six more stories: "The Tiger Fortune Princess," "The Storyteller's Wife," "Returning My Sister's Face," "The Bunny of Vengeance and the Bear of Death," "The Wizard of Eternal Watch," and "All in My Mind." This is for the for the project they're doing with Sony to put together an electronic short fiction website to promote Sony's new e-reader device. Hurray.
- Email from editor Jetse de Vries letting me know that my last submission to Interzone made the first cut and he's holding it for a second read. Crossing my fingers.
- Payment for "Body and Soul Art" from the ASIM Best of Horror anthology.
- Payment for "The Wizard of Eternal Watch" from the Best New Romantic Fantasy 2 anthology.

- "Body and Soul Art" in the Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Best of Horror.

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