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Tramadol and me

I broke down and took a tramadol last night. It took somewhat longer to knock me out than it usually does; I made it all the way through the season finale of House. Makes me wonder if the bottle I've got has passed its effective date. 'Course by the time I started speculating about that, it hit me like a falling anvil, and I went comatose before I could check.

Woke up woozy and irritable this morning. Woozy I expected, but fractious, I didn't. Struggling not to bite anyone's head off this morning. The Adderall and coffee are helping to alleviate my foul mood, but I still feel like I've got a miffed Elder God on a short rein. Until I can mollify said Elder God, my ability to play well with others is pretty tenuous. I'm trying not to send emails or interact too much with people so I won't say or send something I'll regret later. But it's a little tricky 'cause my swelling "to do" list includes several belated correspondences.

I hate feeling like my emotions are at odds with my intellect. The reasonable, rationale me knows I don't have any basis to be snarly and cantankerous, but the unthinking, feeling me wants to lash out indiscriminately.

On the plus side, my wingstubs feel better.


Writing Stuff

- Edits for "Princess Bufo marinus, I Call Her Amy" from Mirrorstone Books (via mroctober), including a request to rename it to "Princess Bufo marinus, Also Known as Amy." I'm inclined to prefer my original title, but I'm pretty bendy when it comes to editorial requests, so I suspect I'll end up okaying it.

New Words:
- 1150 on the Fox Princess novel.

I think I wrote myself into a corner. The chapter wanted to go a different direction than I'd outlined, and I went with it 'cause I was feeling discontented about the pacing, and this new scene speeds things up nicely. But now my protagonist is facing an adversary I can't figure out a way for her to either defeat or escape. So now I need to either rewrite the scene and go with my outlined events--and come up with a way to fix the pacing--or think up a plausible solution to her current circumstances. Urg. Thinkthinkthink.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,105 / 40,000

Club 100 for Writers: 8

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