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Mobicon part II

Mobicon rawked! I see now why jackzodiac always raves about it. These folks put on a first rate event. I'm low on sleep, and the neurons are verily sluggish, so this will be a cursory convention-in-review. Apologies to all the wonderful folks I will undoubtedly forget to mention.

I was a judge for the costume contest with the lovely, talented, and charming Chase Masterson; her sweetie and director, James Kerwin; and, of course, jackzodiac.

After the contest, before the winners were announced, they had a "7-Minute Costume Contest" whereupon contestants get a bag with a length of material, a roll of duct tape, aluminum foil, and scissors and have to create a costume in seven minutes. They asked if Chase, Davey, and I would like to join the fray. Who in their right mind would refuse the prospect of such silliness? So we had seven minutes to do Davey up as a "Klingon Robin Hood."

Chase (who is, of course, the Klingon expert) decided that he needed breasts. . . and lipstick. Isn't Davey pretty?

I was a wee bit trepidatious about the Slave Auction, although I was assured that my participation was optional. The auctioneer, Joe-Bob (Joe-Bill?), was a riot--bawdy and lighthearted--perfect for the event. And he knew how to show off his wares to their best effect. There was topless dancing . . . from the men, including a pair of marines (a matched set!), who demonstrated their physical fitness to the cheering crowd by dropping and doing 20 push-ups, and an enthusiastic young man who exhibited his lap dancing prowess with a lovely volunteer--all to benefit the Bay Area Food Bank. Chase and James also stepped up to the auction block and, after some heated bidding, went for a jaw-dropping $600. And, when Wayne asked me pretty-please to offer myself up for bidding, how could I refuse? A big "thank you!" to Bill, the very generous "master" who "purchased" me for $400(!).

After the auction was the Boobie Brigade's Dead Debutante Ball. Dancing, drinking, and making merry in the name of charity! Got to chat and catch up a bit with yakdog (of Fantasm/Frolicon) and other convention peeps. I was formally inaugurated into the illustrious Boobie Brigade ranks by the end of the dance.

We did some wandering to room parties afterward, but my feet were hurting so much, the one with the couch seemed the most alluring. Crashed back in our room at around 3AM and set two alarms as fosteronfilm and I both had 10AM panels on Sunday. Oog. But I felt surprisingly well rested by the next morning. Not so much today, though . . .

Major snaps and kudos to Cathy Chandler, the Entertainment Chairperson of Mobicon, for her prowess in herding cats and for making sure all our needs were catered to; Don Schermerhorn and Wayne Hergenroder, for being darlings and inviting us to play at their convention, and the rest of the Directors, Governors, and staff of Mobicon for working so hard to make sure folks had a great time.

More pix:

The "Meet the Guests" panel on Friday. Top row from left to right: Author Chris Jackson, Artist Bryan King, Me, Davey, & Actor/Puppeteer Jeffrey Breslauer. Bottom row: Director James Kerwin, Actress/Singer Chase Masterson, Artist Steve Scott, Artist Steve Bennett, Aj Brockway, Author/Artist Debbora Wiles, & Author Sharon Green.

My partner in crime, Davey Beauchamp.


Writing Stuff

I was delighted that the Mobicon folks gave me and jackzodiac side-by-side tables in the Merchant's Room (right next to Chase and James, too!). Davey's got mad skillz when it comes to chatting up passersby, while I'm quite shy until I get a chance to meet someone. We made a great team; between us, we sold many books and had gobs of fun doing it. I'm now out of all of my extra copies of anthologies and down to my last couple chapbooks. Wish I'd ordered more and sundry extra copies of the various anthologies I'm in, but I've never had a table at a convention before, and I'm not really good at selling things, so I didn't think of it. I'll know better next time.

- 86-day pass from IGMS, offset by the contract and check from IGMS for "Beauty's Folly."
- Note from mroctober that Magic in the Mirrorstone: Tales of Fantasy is now available for pre-order from Amazon:

In this anthology for teen readers, fifteen best-selling and acclaimed authors--including Holly Black, Cecil Castellucci, Cassandra Clare, Eugie Foster, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and Gregory Frost--weave all-new stories filled with magic. Comic and dark, epic and entertaining, these stories will introduce readers to the new voices of Mirrorstone beside the treasured favorites of Young Adult fantasy.

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