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Politics, photoshopping, and panda porn

Woke up early this morning (5AM!) due to a restless skunk. Since I have a follow-up doctor's appointment this afternoon, I decided to go ahead and head on in to work so I could beat the rush hour traffic, have my car, and drive to my appointment instead of having to go through the work-->MARTA-->car-->doctor's office headache that I went through last week. But I'm verily muzzy-headed and heavy-eyed now.

Therefore, linkage:

- The Pew Research Center conducted a recent national survey to determine how well informed on politics/current events Americans are today versus in 1989. (You can take the quiz yourself.) And here's an interesting breakdown of the poll results.

- A freaky website elemess found on photo touch-ups (click on the "More Samples" link towards the bottom of the page to see further examples of the scariness). Children's beauty pageants squick me out.

- And finally, panda porn. And it's even work safe--unless your co-workers/boss are particularly offended by mating pandas . . .


Writing Stuff

- "The End of the Universe" in issue #3 of Darker Matter. Free fiction. Go read, yo!

New Words:
- 600 on the Fox Princess novel.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,288 / 40,000

Club 100 for Writers: 7
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