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Absent minded morning

Had a minor MARTA adventure this morning. I don't feel all that tired or out of it, but I was going over my "things to do" list in my head during my commute to work, going over my agenda for today, and I somehow managed to get turned around and disembarked on the wrong side of the Southbound MARTA train. I ended up on the Westbound platform instead of the Eastbound one (realizing this just in time to see the Eastbound train I should've been on whiz by). So then I went back down to the N/S level so I could get to the Eastbound platform and realized there wasn't a way to get to it from that side of the track. I needed to go all the way up and over on the street level.

While I stood there, exasperated and dumbfounded, I had a good bit of fortune. Another Southbound train came in, so I hopped through it to get to the other side of the track, whereupon I made my way to the Eastbound platform.

Urg. I seem to be losing my mind. If anyone finds it, could you please email it back to me?


Writing Stuff

- My May Writing for Young Readers column, "Writing for Children's Magazines"

- An email this morning from Jason J. Marchi, editor (with co-editor Jackson T. Ellis) of the proposed Scissor Press anthologies Deadly Dolls, Trains, Machine Mayhem, and Automobilia:

"The anthologies are on HOLD since two different publishers, one after the other, have backed out, saying short story anthologies aren't selling now. I'll contact you again should I be able to find another publisher willing to take on these books. I'm very much in love with the concepts for these books I have devised: AUTOMOBILIA. TRAIN STORIES, DEADLY DOLLS, and MACHINE MAYHEM. So I will be working behind the scenes to find a respected publisher for these titles. Meanwhile, please market your work to anyplace that will publish it. Writers have a shrinking audience as it is, so avail yourself of every opportunity to market your work to get it sold."

I had a couple submissions out to these anthologies from 2005, but after not hearing back from a query in October last year, I assumed they had folded without fanfare or notice and sent my manuscripts out elsewhere . . .

New Words:
- 1000 on The Novel. I'm a little behind the pace of 2500 words a week that I set initially. Spent some words-on-page time researching over the weekend, but I think I found what I need. Going to try to pick up the slack this week.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,783 / 40,000

Club 100 for Writers: 5

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