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I saw that the USPS is raising postage rates, effective May 14. Sigh. This directly impacts my bottom line as a writer. Not as much as publishers and distributors, of course, but it's still a slice out of my little pie o'proceeds.

Also they're doing something to make calculating postage more complicated. Haven't studied the changes in-depth, but my initial glance over them was mightily perplexing. I use a home postal scale and buy stamps in bulk to decrease the number of trips to the post office (and their interminable lines) I have to make. In addition to submitting manuscripts, I also mail a lot of magazines and books on behalf of Tangent, so being able to mail things from home is a great time saver. As such, them making the mailing process more obtuse is verily grump-making. Even the forthcoming Star Wars postage stamp doesn't mitigate the grrr. Hmpf.

- Got a call from Ann Crispin. It's always a pleasure hearing from her. She asked me to reprise my "Marketing Short Fiction" guest lecture for her Beginners Writers Workshop at Dragon*Con this year. Of course, I said I would. I'm still brimful with the terror of public speaking, but I think it gets better every year. And I genuinely enjoy doing it once I get past the shakes.
- Invite/request from palmerwriter to contribute a story to a charity anthology he's editing to benefit the American Diabetes Association. I think I have a reprint that might suit, so uber coolness.
- Payment for "Mistress Fortune Favors the Unlucky" in the Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy anthology. It should be coming out any day now . . .
- Email from the editor of Faeries, letting me know that the electronic transfer of payment for "Of Two Minds in Lanais" has been made. After not hearing anything from my query in March, there's much relief to finally get an update. He included a scan of the "Ordre de transfert de fonds international," which my rusty-unto-iron-shavings French was mostly able to get the gist of. Waiting now with bated breath for the Show Me the Money part.
- Payment from Moira for my Writing for Young Readers May column.

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