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Hobkin's health and post session productivity

The vet called yesterday with the blood panel results, and Hobkin officially has a clean bill of health. The vet used such words as "great" to describe how the fuzzwit's numbers look and said we were doing a really good job with him. Yay!

This is a healthy skunk, so sayeth the vet:


Writing Stuff

Did research this weekend, lots for the novel and a little for my May Writing for Young Readers column (ack, I really need to crank that out and send it off already). Got on a roll on Saturday re: novel. My main concern is that I haven't got a solid feel for my main character yet. I've been loading up on clinical descriptions and case studies of autism and Asperger's, but I was still experiencing a sort of distance from her, when I really want to get into her head so I can understand who she is and what she's like, not just what she'll do.

Plus, I really want to like her too. I mean, I've written stories about characters who I didn't have that rapport with, but for a longer work like this, I think I need to have it. And really, the best stories I've written have been ones where I completely empathize with and know my protagonist. But in order to reach that level of awareness requires a certain intimacy and a thorough understanding of what makes her tick; I gotta be able to step into her head completely and seamlessly in order to be able to show who she is to readers.

And hurray, finally, finally, I came across what I've been lacking, an excellent first-person account of someone who has Asperger's--an inside look at an Aspie's feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and insights. And y'know, it made me wonder even more whether I might fall into the autistic spectrum myself. There was so much there where I found myself nodding along going, "yep, I grok it." It's by no means a new speculation for me, but it made me go "hmmm" even more.

And following that bit of reading and rumination, there was cat waxing.

Sigh. Well, at least it was productive cat waxing. Since the beginning of the year, with session and all, I've let my files get totally out of order. Normally my organization system is meticulous, but I had four months worth of contracts, correspondences, and rejections strewn around the house, scattered in haphazard piles in my office, lying where I'd opened them in the living room, and dumped in amongst the bills and receipts by an exasperated fosteronfilm (who doesn't know what to do with my sundry writing paperwork and is generally leery of moving it). Spent several hours sorting everything and filing documents in their proper places. Cheers for getting that taken care of. And now I have no excuse not to crank out wordage.

- "The Goddess Queen's Battlefield" in the Spring Equinox issue (#2) of GrendelSong. Woot!

This story was inspired by the Suzanne Vega song, "The Queen and the Soldier," which, in turn, was introduced to me by britzkrieg. So bows to both Suzanne Vega and britzkrieg for their key roles in summoning my muse.

"The Goddess Queen's Battlefield" by Eugie Foster
"Maixgloan" by Christopher Heath
"Pretty Mary" by Samantha Henderson
Featured Poet: Catherynne M. Valente
"Contraception throughout the ages and cultures: a short overview for a fantasy writer" by E. Sedia
"The Gods-forsaken World" by Steve Goble
"The Glaring Inaccuracies of the Bards" by Berrien C. Henderson
"By the Light of the Dark" by Stephanie Burgis

New Words:
- 1020 on The Novel: working title Fox Princess.

And so it begins.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
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