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Session '07, Day 35

Chug-a-chug-a. I think I can I think I can...

Actually, whether I think I can or not, I will. Only five more days left. People are getting a little white-eyed around the office. Myself included, undoubtedly. But word on the street is that Georgia's 2007 legislative session will most likely adjourn sine die next Friday (the 20th). Although there's also speculation that a special session will be called immediately upon adjournment.


Hoping that's just a scary rumor.


Writing Stuff

I hit my 100th sale today!

It's an occasion for cake and drunken revelry, but I don't have the time for such indulgence, alas. I'm also thinking I might wait until I've amassed five more sales until I ring in the "official" 100th sale milestone. According to my spreadsheet, five of the sales were for nonfiction: four articles and an interview. (I'm not counting my Writing for Young Readers columns, as those aren't "sales" so much as an ongoing gig--which reminds me I really need to start working on my May column.)

- 36-day sale of "The End of the Universe" to the new U.K. ezine, Darker Matter. The editor sent payment immediately (pro rates+, even!). I actually received it before the contract, which followed on its heels. Such lightning-fast payment (for fiction, at least) is a first, and I'm muchly impressed.
- Confirmation & contract from Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine that they want to reprint "Body and Soul Art" in their Best of Horror anthology.

New Words/Editing:
- fosteronfilm first readered my Persian fairy tale re-telling. He liked it, which is a little unusual, as he's normally not a fan of fairy tales. So does that mean I did something right, or something wrong with this one? Normally, he's an excellent bellwether of my fiction, able to predict which stories will get the best reception and which ones might need more work, with the exception of my fairy and folktales, which he tends not to be enamored with in general and which tend to sell well regardless.

So I did a couple editing passes, and now I'm dithering as to what to do with it. Send it out for critique? Send it out to market? Or sit on it for a week--to give myself the same distance I would've if I'd offered it up for crits--and give it another couple editing passes before sending it out to market. Or some other as-of-yet undetermined option.

Blah. Insecurity, doubt, and indecision is me.

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