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Six Flags Stabbity

So Six Flags was holding a promo freebie today: free admission between the hours of 6AM to 9AM. Well, apparently every child and their cousin was trying to get in on it *grumble fume*, resulting in heaps o' chaos and the gates closing at 6, as well as a holy muckup of traffic which impacted my commute to the MARTA station, even though I'm going southbound and Six Flags is west of the perimeter. Huge stretches of 400 whereupon I sat at a complete stop, waiting to creep forward.



Writing Stuff

My "Pick Six" interview with ambasadora is now up. Go read, yo!

- 97-day "beautifully written but . . ." with invite to submit again from Sheila Williams of Asimov's. Sigh. At least I'm getting personal "no"s from her again.
- 35-day pass, praise, & invite to try again from Dark Recesses with suggestions for other markets to try.
- Contract from Helix for "The Center of the Universe."

New Words:
- 1300 on a Persian fairy tale re-telling.

Yah, I tabled "Better a Heart of Fire." I've got the writing bug now, but it's been so long since I was producing things regularly 'cause of the legislative session, I'm rusty on the word cranking routine. Couldn't seem to muster up the discipline to put words on the page and finish the thing when my momentum flagged. Not an auspicious sign for my post-session novel aspirations.

Also feeling like my prose craft is particularly raw from disuse. To bolster my morale and get back into the fairy tale rhythm, I went back and read over some of the other re-tellings I've written. And y'know, they were pretty good. Then I read over my current WiP . . . and it wasn't.

Morale not so much bolstered as knocked down and kicked in the dirt.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,300 / 2,000
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