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Session '07, Day 30, Crossover Day

Today is Crossover Day, the deadline for when bills have to pass at least one chamber or be dropped, and also the busiest day of Georgia's legislative year. Historically, Crossover Day is a midnight+ affair for the legislature and therefore us folks at the Office O'Legislative Counsel. Last year, I believe the House was in session until 1:30AM.

I wore the comfiest work clothes I have, brought a blanket/pillow and toothbrush, and packed an extra 10mg of Adderall (which I haven't decided whether I should take or not, and I need to soon since it's an XR).

Urk. I expect my brain will be at half mast come Wednesday.

But, on a happy note, someone brought in a plate of amazing caramel brownies this morning. Brownies and coffee for breakfast, does it get any more decadent? And the attorneys are treating the office to dinner tonight.

When under stress, apply food. Yup.

dude_the is here on a business trip, taking a class. Yay! Although we haven't seen him yet as, well, he's taking a class and it's session. But his class ends on Wednesday, and he's hanging out through the weekend. Hoping I get to do more than wave to him in passing.


Writing Stuff

The novel bug's been hitting me. Adding details and brainstorm-related particulars to my existing outline and character sketches for the YA novel. Gearing up for a full out effort once the session ends.

Performance anxiety and trepidation is high.

I'm primarily doing research, possible to do between rush bills, at least, and gathering a bit of fodder for hungry lil plot bunnies. My focus is on autism and Asperger's but while digging around online, I discovered a fascinating condition called hypergraphia, a driving compulsion to write, which I was unfamiliar with before. Speculating whether some particularly prolific writers might have it.

Brains are neat. And weird.
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