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Session '07, After Day 29, adjourned again

I wasn't able to go to the Pirates of the Caribbean screening last Sunday. I had to work. All day.

I got in the office at around 10:15 AM and couldn't leave until after 7 PM. Bummer. But I knew that playtime would undoubtedly have to be sacrificed to the legislative session going into it, and so far, I've already had more actual weekends than I'd expected I would. And I know I've had it relatively soft compared to other editors, like poor elemess who had to stay until midnight on Tuesday. Plus, the evil-scary bill I labored over on Sunday, HB 227, actually passed in the House this week.

fosteronfilm is having two wisdom teeth pulled this morning, the poor thing. But it's high time. One of them broke months ago. Fortunately, the break didn't expose the nerve, and he wasn't in pain.

Less fortunately, with the new year, we'd switched dental plans, which also involved acquiring a new dentist, and the one we got (based primarily on the proximity of his office to our house) was not a good fit, being less concerned about the state and welfare of our teeth and more interested in pushing expensive and unnecessary dental procedures--which, ironically, did not include extracting the broken tooth since that apparently wasn't big ticket enough. So yah, we decided that we wanted a new dentist and had to wait for the insurance folks to approve a switch (the third dentist we've had in six months). Then we had to wait for the paperwork to go through so this new dentist could examine Matthew's tooth and go "yup, that needs to come out, and probably be a good idea to pull that other one too while we're at it," get the extraction procedure okayed by the insurance, and then schedule it.

I'm just really, really glad that Matthew wasn't in any pain. All this waiting, while decidedly annoying, at least wasn't agonizing.

On the plus side, the extraction procedure is 100% covered. On the minus side, the anesthesia portion is 0% covered. The hubby is opting to have it done under just a local which is much less expensive than a general would've been. He's hella more macho than me; when I had my wisdom teeth out, I insisted they knock me out. But I remain perplexed and indignant than none of the anesthesia is covered. If we couldn't afford to pay for it out of pocket, would they really have subjected him to having two teeth pulled without any anesthesia?


Writing Stuff

I'm either due or past due on responses from several markets. I haven't felt jonesy for a sale for a while, but I've got the writerly jitters good now. I could really use a juicy sale fix. *twitch*

- Heidi Ruby Miller (ambasadora) asked to interview me for her ongoing "Heidi's Pick Six" author spotlights. Of course I said "yes." Mine is slotted to go up next month.

New Words:
- 300 on "Better a Heart of Fire." As I feared, my momentum is beginning to fizzle. A gooey glob of inspiration hit while I was driving to the MARTA station this morning. But, of course, traffic cops tend to frown at folks typing on laptops while driving, so I refrained from trying to increase my word count while cruising down the freeway. Will try to work on it this weekend.

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