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Session '07, Languishing in Recess

Saturday night, fosteronfilm and I partook of the excellent hospitality of the Eleys (escapepodcast) in their ongoing "Single Malt Who" shindigs. We watched the season 2 finale of Doctor Who, ate veggie burgers, and sampled scotch. Well, other folks sampled the scotch. I stuck with soda. But I think I'm still zoned from session-related stimuli. My brain's on perpetual low beam. Sigh.

As advertised, here are some of my favorite pix from the Girls of Dragon*Con charity calendar photo shoot we did at Grant Park:

(All photos by Dean Ansley)

And here's a group picture of the calendar girls (one of us, Jill, is absent as she had to be late to the shoot):


Writing Stuff

The editor of Juno Books, Paula Guran, has now posted the ToC of Best New Romantic Fantasy on her blog. Check out the shiny:

Evergreen by Angela Boord
The Desires of Houses by Haddayr Copley-Woods
Smoke & Mirrors by Amanda Downum
The Wizard of Eternal Watch by Eugie Foster
An Autumn Butterfly by Esther Freisner
Moment of Joy Before by Claudia O’Keefe
The Mountains of Key West by Sandra McDonald
A Light in Troy by Sarah Monette
The Story of Love by Vera Nazarian
Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge by Richard Parks
Jane: A Story of Manners, Magic, and Romance by Sarah Prineas
Journey into the Kingdom by M. Rickert
The Red Envelope by David Sakmyster
La Fée Verte by Delia Sherman
The Depth Oracle by Sonya Taaffee

- 6-day reprint sale of "Li T'ien and the Dragon Nian" (originally titled "Li T'ien and the Demon Nian") to Rob Santa for his Black Dragon, White Dragon anthology (Ricasso Press). Woot! This is one of the projects Rob invited me to submit to.

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