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Session '07, In Recess

This Saturday was the first all-staff Dragon*Con 2007 meeting, whereupon I discovered that I'm losing lord_darkseid from my Daily Dragon staff. Sigh. So now I need a new reporter.

I was so tired, the meeting was something of a blur, but it was good seeing folks like dire_epiphany, radjacee, arkhamrefugee, and bevlovesbooks. Of note, the Cruxshadows were having a concert at the Masquerade that night and offered to let D*C directors in gratis, but I was so logy, I just didn't have it in me to go dancing. Sad, ain't it? I'm feeling old.


Writing Stuff

- My March Writing for Young Readers column: "The ABCs of Writing for Kids: Active, Brief, and Cut Cut Cut"

- Fan mail, this time for "The devil and Mrs. Comstock's Snickerdoodles" in RoF! Happy writer Eugie.
- Note with contract from paul_m_jessup for "The Goddess Queen's Battlefield," which will be the lead story in issue #2 of GrendelSong. Sweet!
- An invite to submit to a ghost story anthology which, ultimately, I turned down. I hate saying "no" to an editor asking to buy my work, but I didn't have anything suitable on hand, and I simply don't have the time crank out something new. Maybe next time.
- 6-day "no GUD" from GUD. I'm actually a bit chagrined about this one. I think I might've subbed this same story to them before. My spreadsheet burped when I was coming up with a new market, and I may have accidentally deleted my records from that submission. Urg. I'm getting scatterbrained.
- Invite from Rob J. Santa to submit to two anthologies he's putting together. Rob and me are writing buddies through Exchanged crits turned to mutual appreciation and friendly back-and-forth. He's starting up a new small press outfit, Ricasso Press, which I give him many snaps for. Going to try to come up with something appropriate for his anthos. Not sure if I'll be able to, but not only do I hate saying "no" to an editor, but Rob's an amigo.


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