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Session '07, Day 26

Busy. Very.

Weekend: photo shoot at Grant Park to get some promo shots for the Girls of Dragon*Con Breast Cancer Charity Calendar. Fun, but cold. Very, very cold. Will post pix as I can.

Not enough sleep. Haven't seen husband or skunk for more than a few minutes all week. Coffee habit resumed. And it appears that the General Assembly is indeed going to adjourn for two weeks in March to hammer out the PeachCare for Kids financial mess, meaning that the session will be extended through the middle of April.

Urg. I die now, please.


Writing Stuff

I saw the other day on Ralan that Cicada was glutted and closed to submissions. Urk. I sent them something about ten days ago. Hope it manages to slip under the wire.

Received Hurray:
- An email from the editor of Best New Romantic Fantasy (previously titled Best New Paranormal Romance) that she wants to reprint "The Wizard of Eternal Watch" for it. *Squee!*
- An email from Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine to inform me that "Body and Soul Art" has been shortlisted for reprinting in their ASIM Best of Horror anthology, and was it available? I think that means they want it . . . or at least they're seriously thinking about wanting it. *Squee?* Um, I emailed the editor a "yes."
- Note from jackzodiac letting me know that he's found a publisher, Dragon Moon Press, for Writers for Relief 2, the sequel charity anthology to the first edition.
- Note from douglascohen letting me know that my current RoF submission was received safe and sound and will be en route to Shawna when the next batch gets exchanged.
- Email from jimhines to tell me that Heroes In Training is now available for preorder at Amazon. My very first appearance in a mass market paperback!
- Galley proofs from mroctober for "Year of the Fox" in So Fey and my check from Haworth Press.
- Contract and check from Strange Horizons for the interview I did with mroctober.
- Note from a listener in Australia who heard the Pseudopod podcast of "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me," loved it, and wanted to know whether she could get a print copy of it. I pointed her to the Best of Apex Digest anthology. I love getting fan mail. It makes me feel all warm and glowy.

Received Wah:
- 35-day "really intriguing and refreshing" but . . . from Strange Horizons. Sigh. Despairing that my fiction will ever break in there.
- 73-day form "no" from InterGalactic Medicine Show, something of an especial ouch after selling "Beauty's Folly" to them.
- 4-day thanks-but-no from Heliotrope.
- Note from lynnejamneck letting me know that they've decided to cancel the Supernatural Sleuth anthology due to an insufficient number of strong enough submissions. That's another story orphaned, my second this year.

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