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Session '07 Day 19. And baby skunk pix!

Stumbled through the door a bit after 9:30 last night. Got out of the office earlier than everyone else, slightly after 8:30, but the travel time tacks on another hour. These commutes are murder during session. I didn't mind them so much during off-session, but at 9ish on the train, my brain's too slagged to get anything done, so I end up staring blankly at my laptop screen, tabulating all the hamsters I should be juggling, but without enough energy to so much as lob one in the air. It's disheartening it is.

On the heartening cuteness front, wordswoman forwarded this Cute Overload link to me yesterday which totally made me squee. Baby skunk being fostered by a mama cat!

Thanks again, Jaye. Adorable skunk baby pictures make even the longest Monday better.


Writing Stuff

So I saw on that Here & Now is well and truly dead, as declared by the editor. No surprise there, what with their interminable delays and erratic publication schedule, but it does orphan a story I sold them in . . . 2003. Agh. Yah, I should've pulled that one a loooong time ago. But they published two of my other stories in '05, which kept me hoping. It's awfully hard pulling a story from a sale.

New Words:
Not so much new words as compiling an outline for my "Worldbuilding" workshop. Also, the organizers encouraged me to come up with a catchy title. "Worldbuilding for Writers" probably doesn't qualify as "catchy." Grmpf.

- A personal invite from the editors of the new YA 'zine, Shiny, to submit something. I pored over my logs, but couldn't find something that was suitable and that wasn't currently out at a "no simsubs!" market. But, hmm, now I've got a story freed up from H&N's folding. Gonna read it over and see if I think it's got enough of a YA tone . . .


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