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Session '07 Day 17: "Family Day"

So yah, "Family Day" at the Capitol. Whee. Because of this brilliant legislative concept, I had to be at work bright and early this morning and had to work late yesterday. It's almost like not having a weekend, except without the "almost."

Meh, at least the traffic was nonexistent. I made the drive from house to parking deck in under 40 minutes.

Happily, Hobkin seems less logy. And he climbed up to cuddle with me last night and Thursday night, so he's back to being his cuddlesome, winter self. Although his tummy was unsettled on Thursday. I'm wondering if he's distressed at how absent I've been of late. Wish I could've taken him to work for "Family Day."


Writing Stuff

- An email from the senior editor of Highlights for Children in response to my request for an interview for my Writing for Young Readers column. She's happy to oblige. Huzzah! That means my column is set through the end of session.

Quite a relief, there. While I'd intended to put a moratorium on agreeing to or taking on any new requests or responsibilities while the General Assembly was in session, I can't seem to hold to that.

- A pretty-please-please plea from a friend of ours who's a Biology professor for Emory & Henry College in VA to proofread the paper he's submitting to a journal. He's reporting on the discovery of a new species (he's an icthyo-paleontologist), and publication was already assured. But his initial proofreader was unavailable, and he'd added fresh content to his ms. and couldn't find someone to proofread it.

O where's o where is an editor when you need one?

So, of course, I sez I would, and I spent the free bits of time I had on Wednesday and Thursday poring over it. After I got over my bug-eyed "WHA?" at all the unknown scientific names and terms and settled into the text, it was actually kind of interesting. He's giving me an acknowledgement nod, and I told him to feel free to pretty-please-please me again. Just hopefully not during session.

- Note from oldcharliebrown asking if I was interested in doing an interview gig for Fantasy Magazine. So yah, I said I was game for that too, session be damned. But really, it's not a biggie. The interview slot in question is a small one--one page--so there's not a huge time sink with the work involved. Assembled my Q's for that and sent if off last night, right before falling comatose.


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