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Day 10 of Session 2007

Been busier than God at work.

I think it might be making me a bit distracted. I did something last week which I've never, ever done before, and I fervently hope I never do anything remotely like again. I came in late, stumbled into the house, and it wasn't until about an hour later that fosteronfilm went into the mudroom* to check on some laundry and discovered that my car was still going! I'd left the key in the ignition (I've never even locked myself out of a car before!) and left the engine running.

In a closed garage.

Zounds. I didn't notice I didn't have my keys 'cause the hubby had left the door unlocked for me, as he sometimes does so I don't have to fumble with keys and backpack when I'm already dog tired. I'm just glad he had laundry going and that he noticed. There's much badness that could've happened there. Meep.

MARTA was evil this morning. Major mechanical difficulties on the sorthbound line stranded me (and a train full of commuters) on 400 for half an hour. Eventually, the MARTA folks got the train limping again and took us to Lindburgh station, whereupon they took the poor thing out of service. Huddled with disgruntled commuters in sub-zero weather on a metro platform designed to let the wind in is not my idea of a good way to spend the morning. The next sorthbound train was, of course, jam-packed, but we shuffled onboard anyway. Squished sardines. Not just plain ole packed sardines, but squished.

*The mudroom is the room between our garage and the rest of the house where our washer and dryer live.


Writing Stuff

New Words:
Amazingly, I managed to hammer out 1300 words for my February Writing for Young Readers column between Friday and Saturday, but then I got an 11th hour postponement. Earlier this month, I sent a couple queries to editors, asking for an interview for my column, and I included the questions (and, of course, an SASE). I didn't expect to hear back from them, 'cause I sort of assume that unless an editor knows and has worked with someone in the past, the odds of such a request getting their attention and not being circular binned is pretty slim. Editors, after all, are uber busy people. But the one from the Fiction Editor of Boys' Life, Johnny D. Boggs, came back! So I typed the answers in and sent it off to my column editor, making me, for the first time, ahead of the game, column-wise. I've got March's done and ready to go, and maybe I'll get the second interview back, which will take care of April, by which time session will be over. Maybe.

- My interview with mroctober is now up at Strange Horizons.

- 8-day "no GUD" from GUD.
- 4-day sale to Murky Depths. Woot! "Cyberevenge Inc." is slated for their premiere issue. And a big thanks to matt_wallace for inviting me to submit.
- A sneak peek of the cover image by Theo Black of the So Fey anthology edited by mroctober (which will have my story, "Year of the Fox" in it). It's slated for release this October. Shiny:


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