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Early weekend update

Last night, I wrote up a storm. After a diet cola and two cups of coffee. And this after having one and a half cups of coffee at work. I think I should seriously consider pulling back on the caffeine. Urg.

Anyway, am re-working yet another story from a couple years ago. It's a good story, but my execution at that time wasn't up to my ambition. Rather pleased with it now. I've culled 500 words (all of them bad) and smoothed out the prose. I'd actually be working on it now, but I've got this fuzzy beast curled up on my lap. I write on a laptop, but our cable modem ISP connection is to our desktop PC, so I'd have to relocate both of us, probably waking him up, to get to my laptop. Hobkin's got his front paws over his nose, and he's in a perfect "O". The cuteness is overwhelming. I hate moving him, so instead, I'm updating LJ. Heh.

I'm seriously thinking about pulling everything I wrote from a couple years ago from marketing and looking them over with my new "re-write" mania. But then, I'd also feel like I'm moving backwards in not creating new stuff. Ach. I'll continue to play it by ear.

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