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Brain on the fritz

I think I'm a little discombobulated this week. Yesterday morning, as I was driving to the MARTA station, the moon was this huge, swollen silver saucer in the predawn sky. It didn't look like a wan morning moon, but a night sky full moon, and I had a moment of disorientation, wondering if I'd somehow mixed up my AM and PM, and I was driving into work at 7PM instead of 7AM. Obviously, I shook that off and got on my train, and by the time it had reached the Capitol, the sun had risen, dispersing that fantastical whimsy. This morning, I left my computer bag at home. It's the hand-sewn felt-and-broadcloth sheath I made that I stick my VAIO into before I put it into my backpack to protect it from scratches and give it a little travel buffering. Putting my computer into it is a basic part of my morning ritual. I mean, how can I not notice that my computer isn't in its bag? I've never done that before. So when I pulled out my VAIO on the train to work on, I had a "huh?" moment, wondering whether I'd lost a few seconds of memory and already unsheathed it. But as I couldn't find the bag, I realized I'd somehow left it at home.

Seems my brain's on the fritz.

Wonder if it's because I haven't had any coffee this week? Although I had a lot of assam yesterday, and that's still got a healthy dose of caffeine, being a black tea. I'm switching to green tea today. My IngenuiTEA teapot that n_decisive gave me doth rawketh. And I got an "awesome" from elemess and a "where'd you get that?" from terracinque.


Writing Stuff

So yeah, I missed the deadline for squirrel_monkey's anthology. But she said I can have an extension until the end of this month. Hurray! And *gulp*. That means trying to write during session. Well, sometimes having other deadlines that prevent me from writing kicks my muse into perverse mode, and she pours on the juice. Aggrevating, but in the end, I find I can find (or make) the time to get words on the page. We'll see . . .

- "A Parade of Taylups" is now up at Aberrant Dreams. It's another story inspired by Hobkin. The skunk-influence is pretty blatant with this one.

- 230-day SALE of "Living With a Shoulder Monster" to Aberrant Dreams. My fourth sale to these fine folks and the first sale of 2007! Woohoo!
- Contrib. copy of Hub. It's so shiiiny. I'm just in awe of the production values. Every page is glossy and thick, and, and . . . *droooool*.
- An invitation to once again participate in the nomination process for the Sturgeon Award. I don't really have the time to read the accumulated short fiction from 2006 that I've been wanting to before the February deadline, but it's such an honor to be asked to be a part of this outstanding award that I simply couldn't bear to turn it down. So I figure I'll just bury myself away in the library this weekend and inhale all the 'zines and anthologies that I wasn't able to get to yet. Eh, it'll give me a head start on what to expect during the upcoming legislative session. No sleep. Many words.


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