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Post-Thanksgiving summary

Hope everyone had a fabu Thanksgiving!

yukinooruoni swung by on Thursday with spicy mashed sweet potatoes (yum!) and ice cream, and I made a veggie pot pie. Feasting was had, and vacuous entertainment was enjoyed a la The Incredibles and The Emperor's New Groove, with a couple episodes of The Gummi Bears to start things off. Yep, Thanksgiving was all about the Disney.

fosteronfilm and I ventured forth on Black Friday to The Mall, and although the parking situation was conducive to trepidation and alarm, the shopping thoroughfares within weren't that crowded. I guess those rows upon rows of SUVs and minivans only transported single passengers to the Mecca-o-buying-stuff? And we even made some progress on our shopping list.


Writing Stuff

Did much Tangent work, a smattering of outstanding The Town Drunk undertakings, and a dollop of writing. A productive weekend, all-in-all. Not as productive as I'd hoped, but they never are.

New Words/Editing:
- 1000 words on my December Writing for Young Readers column: "Writing Talking Animal Tales." I wanted something I could rattle off fairly quickly, and anthropomorphic critters hold a special spot in my writer's heart. I just like 'em. Several editing passes, and it's sent off. I really need to plan out the next three months' column installments so I don't gak myself during the legislative session.
- A bridging paragraph on "Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast" and I'm at zero draft. Yay! It clocked in at 8900 words, solidly novelette-length, but at least I kept it under 9K. Going to run it by fosteronfilm to first reader and then probably toss it up on


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