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Weekend working on rewrites

Friday, I got my first taste of editing a 32-page city charter. Oof. elemess informs me that we can look forward to around a dozen or so of them a session. Did I menion "oof"? But, as much as my eyes crossed and my brain twitched, still better than being an IT cubicle monkey.

fosteronfilm and I started our first foray into Christmas shopping yesterday on the "getting a head start on the manic merriness this year" effort. Not much progress was made, but we discovered that there's a new Teavana branch at North Points mall. Mmmm, tea. We ended up buying some for us. Yah, it's what it's about: shiny malls and consumeristic avarice.


Writing Stuff

- 30-day rewrite request from Intergalactic Medicine Show, of the "I want this, but can you make some changes?" variety. Pending final editorial approval and the cooperation of my muse, "Beauty's Folly" should be in the Jan. 2007 issue. (Tentative) woohoo!
- 23-day nope from Clarkesworld Magazine.
- Note from Richard Freeborn, editor of Oceans of the Mind, letting me know that they're ceasing publication. And another pro-paying SF market bites the dust. Damn.

New Words/Editing:
- 400 on the rewrite of "Beauty's Folly" for IGMS. A bridging paragraph or two and some smoothing and polishing, and I think I've got this one bagged.
- 100 on the rewrite request for lynnejamneck's Supernatural Sleuths anthology. Tweaking, tweaking, and some ideas that I need to dwell on--the trick being how best to implement them to keep the "sleuth" part sleuthy rather than sledgehammery. Hmmm.

- "Of Two Minds in Lanais" reprinted in French in the Winter 2006 issue (#23) of Faeries. Thanks to lisamantchev for the heads up, as my French wasn't up to the task. And also, we're sharing a ToC!

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