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November frenzyness

The Great Caffeine Weaning didn't happen. I'm weak and addicted, and I don't want to talk about it.

Now that the election's over, things have started to ramp up at work as legislators gear up for the session in January. Something that made me go *squee* as I was driving to the MARTA station this morning: our local NPR news was reporting on some of the Georgia bills that have been pre-filled for this upcoming session, and one of the ones they mentioned is one I edited. Made me feel all official.


Writing Stuff

I've lost reviewers this month to NaNoWriMo (argh), and it seems like every publisher and his brother is sending me review copies of their anthology now and that every single 'zine out there puts out an issue in October or November, so things are a wee bit swamped-like on the Tangent front. Also, the brief detour my muse dragged me off to write has exploded into a novelette, I still have to finish the urban fantasy I committed to do before the December deadline, and I haven't even begun pondering what to write for my Writing for Young Readers column next month. (I'd welcome suggestions!)

I thought this month would be more laid back compared to the others in 2006. I was mistaken. A lot. I'm beginning to think I'm deluding myself, and that there will be no more laid back months for me. Ever.

I need me some hamster-stomping boots.

New Words:
- 3100 on "Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast."

Yup, it's a novelette. Sigh. Worse, it's not done yet, although I've only got one more scene to go. But it's a doozie of one: the reveal and climax. I've already got down the denouement and conclusion, so I know what needs to happen, but the set-up is quasi-stream of consciousness. The trick will be to keep it coherent without muffing the pacing and ending up with a big ole gob of infodump. If I can pull it off, it should be good.

I'm rather excited about this one. It's my very first dystopia.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,948 / 7,000

- 22-day SALE of "The Tears of My Mother, the Shell of My Father" to oldcharliebrown's anthology, Japanese Dreams. Woohoo!
- 52-day rewrite request from lynnejamneck on my submission to her Supernatural Sleuths anthology.
- Also a note from her that the interview she did with me is going to be published in Strange Horizons. Yay! At this rate, it's looking like that interview might be the only way I'll get to appear within their hallowed virtual pages.
- Note from W.H. Horner that the Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy anthology now has cover art and is slated for publication April of '07. It promises to be big with the fun:


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