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Insomnia bad.

Got to sleep late, woke up early (as in 4:45AM). No reason. Just my sleep regulator acting wonky. I've had 20mg of Adderall, a big cup of coffee, and a diet coke today, and I still feel like I'm one long blink from slumping comatose at my desk.

Me and Hobkin, sluggish and sleepy.

Skunks don't hibernate during winter, per se, but when the cold season comes, they get sort of groggy, are more inclined to snuggle (wild skunks often winter together in a single burrow), and nap all the time. Hobkin's generally better behaved in winter also, too much of a lap lump to get into (as) much mischief, and he's less tetchy overall. Stomp- and huff-worthy things a month ago barely get a raised tail now. This last week, he's been particularly snoozy, likely to flop over and start snoring as soon as he crawls into my or fosteronfilm's lap. It's very cute, although it pretty much immobilizes whoever he's using as a skunk pillow.

The notion of curling up with a skunk for a long nap sounds really nice right now . . .zzzzzz.


Writing Stuff

I received a request a while back from the guy who runs the German Firefly fan site,, asking if it was okay for him to translate and reprint the interview that arkhamrefugee and yukinooruoni did with Summer Glau for the Daily Dragon. I gave him the A-OK, and I got a note from him the other day letting me know his translation was now up. Major snaps to arkhamrefugee and yukinooruoni!

New Words/Editing:
- Did a review and polish of the next segment of the collab. story I'm working on with mtrimm1 and lobbed it back. This has been a great, fun project to work on. I think the finished piece is going to be hella shiny.
- A once-over edit of my MARTA-inspired urban fantasy WIP to get back into the flow, and 300 new words from where I left off.

The crits are beginning to trickle in from Critters for "Hannya-Shin-Kyo." It's too early to draw any big picture conclusions, although I've received some good micro-level suggestions that I've already implemented.

I also got a crit that irritated me enough to complain to Andrew, ye old critter-herder, about. The critter in question only read the first 800 or so words of my 6K story, and the majority (3/4ths) of their crit was quoting large chunks of those 800 in order to pad their critique word count. Furthermore, the comments they did make showed that they hadn't even properly read the fragment of story they did go over.

*snort* Talk about a half-assed critique.

So yah, while I'm willing to just shrug off crits that I think are totally off base, I think one this lame, where it's obvious the critter didn't even try, shouldn't get credit.


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