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Japanese fantasy at zero draft. Finally.

Hmm. I've had a couple spam comments in my blog in the last couple weeks. They're the first spam I've had here in LJ-land. Wonder if the spammers are getting better at circumnavigating the anti-spam protocols LJ has in place or if the anti-spam protocols went through some "upgrade" that fubarred them.

Anyhoo, on Sunday, I hung out with and assisted terracinque and donovanj99 while they conducted a photoshoot thingy. We roamed the Decatur square area whereupon I was charmed by much of the flora and architecture: the old courthouse, a lovely church, a brick alley (the one next to Eddie's Attic) with wrought iron banisters and copper downspouts, and sweeping magnolia trees. I snapped several pix of terracinque with my point-and-shoot Nikon CoolPix and here are a few of my favs:

I'm rather pleased at how these turned out. And isn't terracinque lovely?


Writing Stuff

Spent the weekend playing catch-up on much of the outstanding Tangent work and am mostly--but not quite completely--caught up. Taming hamsters, rah.

- Part 2 of my "Writing Multicultural Fiction for Children" article is now up at Writing-World. Go read, yo!

New Words:
- 1300 on "Hannya-Shin-Kyo"--which I'm really starting not to like as a title; started tossing around "A Single, Sincere Prayer Can Move Heaven" as an alternative, but I'm not sure I like that better--and it's at zero draft. Whew. I foisted it on fosteronfilm to first reader and loaded it up to Critters. Looks like I'm in good shape to meet my November deadline, assuming, of course, that Critter consensus doesn't require me to do a complete overhaul.

Zokutou word meter
6,091 / 6,000
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