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Skunk in purse

Came out of the shower this morning to discover a skunk in my purse and the previous contents displaced and flung helter-skelter about. I made the fundamental error of thinking that when fosteronfilm talks clearly and lucidly in the early AM, that he's actually awake.

Me: I'm gonna go shower now. Hobkin's sleeping under the covers there, okay? You can watch him if he wakes up?
fosteronfilm: Skunk there. Yep, we're fine.

After my shower:
Me: Aghh, my purse! You were supposed to be watching him!
Matthew: Wha? *blinks, yawns* I was?

No harm done. I keep my various medication bottles in a separate zippered bag that little paws can't (or at least haven't yet figured out how to) open. And I really should know better by now. My hubby is so not a morning person. Although I don't know how I would have explained bringing a skunk to work by accident . . .


Writing Stuff

After lamenting about the dry spell I was having sales-wise, I made two yesterday! Woohoo!

- 1-day sale to Helix. "Addy in My Mind" is slated for their January issue.
- 114-day sale to new U.K. 'zine, Hub. "Wanting to Want" will be in their premiere issue, which I believe is coming out in December.
And, because three sales in one day is just too much to hope for:
- 111-day "almost" from John O'Neill of Black Gate with invite to submit again. While he liked it, the ending was too much of a downer for them. Alas.

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