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Procrastination bug, must stomp

For most of today, I languished in a haze of under-motivated lethargy--randomly surfing, hopping from one editorial task to another without completing anything, and prodding various WiPs halfheartedly. That hasn't happened in QUITE a while. I haven't had the luxury of being able to drag my feet or putter about sighing "I don't feel like doing this" in so long, I feel guilty, like I've done something wrong.

It's not that my plate is free of hamsters or anything--on the contrary, my "Things to Do" list continues to threaten to overflow the page--but rather there are now a manageable number of the buggers swarming over it, resulting in a less panicked, frantic, and frenzied me. While most certainly a good thing, it's also made me wonder if I need the impetus of a Damoclesian sword to keep up my level of productivity.

Or maybe I'm overthinking it and can allow myself the occasional day of wallowing in profligate indolence. Meh.

But tomorrow, I really need to get back to work . . .


Writing Stuff

New Words:
- 600 on the Japanese fantasy. Still no title, dammit.

- Payment from Writing-World for next month's Writing for Young Readers column. Zounds, that was speedy. Me likie.

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