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Generally blah, but in an upbeat way

Sicking-up skunk, tetchy Internet connection (spork-you, Comcast!), and a sinus headache with no Sudafed.


The week has gotten off to something of a rocky start, although I remain fairly upbeat, all things considered. And I have my talisman against rain, my trusty umbrella. It seems a cosmic truth that it never rains when I have the thing. Or perhaps it's the corollary, that it always rains when I forget it. Either the rain gods love me, or they hate me.

(Note to self: make appropriately soggy sacrifice to rain gods.)

And, oh yeah, happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties. Yahrr.


Writing Stuff

Got the last (I mean it this time) Dragon*Con articles edited and published to the Daily Dragon, including an excellent interview by yukinooruoni and Claire-of-no-LJ (Edit: ooo, she actually has an LJ: esbita) with the Mythbusters Build Team.

New Words/Editing:
- Did a final editing pass on and sent off the story for lynnejamneck's anthology. That's one hamster down.
- 500 words on the collaboration story I'm doing with mtrimm1 and lobbed it back. Another hamster in orbit, although this one will rocket back.
- 400 words on the Japanese Dreams story, which still lacks a title. Juggling juggling juggling.

- Galley proofs of "Returning My Sister's Face" for the Best New Fantasy: 2005 anthology edited by oldcharliebrown. It says on the Amazon listing that it came out already (on Sept. 6), but that's patently not the case. Soon is the buzzword. It promises to be pretty.


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