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Let there be cake! And there was . . . oof.

One of the folks in my area had a birthday today, and there was ice cream and candles and cake! A lot of cake. Yummy coconut cake, of vast richness and size. Vasty vast richness. And size.


I ate too much cake. And there's still a chunk of cake and a puddle of rapidly-melting ice cream sitting on a plate on my desk.

I think I'll be skipping dinner tonight . . .

On the non-binging on cake front, Comcast continues to prove that they are eminently deserving of the title "ISP Most in Need of a Vicious Sporking." We switched over our automatic Comcast payment from our old checking account (from Suntrust, the holder of the "Bank Most in Need of a Vicious Sporking" title) to our new one in July, and Comcast cut off our Internet yesterday because we "hadn't paid." Yet, they still have us listed as "automatic payment by check," and even if the switchover didn't take, we STILL HAVE our Suntrust account.

Internet is back up now, but Comcast wants to charge us a late fee and/or a re-activation fee, and we do not wish to be charged said fee(s). We're putting on our Contention Boots, and if that fails, there's always sporks.


Writing Stuff

Discovered via Ralan that Maniac Press has folded, closing all six of its anthology projects. Would've been nice if they'd taken the time to inform their contributors of this fact, but I can't say I'm particularly put out. I didn't have high expectations for this reprint sale, and lo, even those failed to be met.

New Words:
Whee! I'm writing fiction again!
- 800 words on an urban fantasy inspired by my daily commutes on the MARTA rail.
- 1200 words on a new Japanese fantasy for one of the anthology hamsters I agreed to toss about. This one has a deadline of November, but I was getting a little anxious that I hadn't started on it. Less anxious now. 'Course starting a story and finishing it are different hamsters altogether.


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