Eugie Foster (eugie) wrote,
Eugie Foster

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Ow ow owie

For some reason, really intense programming gets my wing spurs flaring up more than writing.

I've got an extra set of ribs in my neck. Freaky, huh? Matthew and I debate whether I'm growing wings or sprouting Cthulu tentacles. They create pressure on my thoracic nerve periodically, creating a painful tingling down my arms and in my hands. It was misdiagnosed initially as carpal tunnel. So, hurray, I don't have carpal tunnel. But ow, I've got thoracic outlet syndrome.

And I'm having a flare-up today. Think that tingly, pins and needles sensation you get right as a body part of your choice starts falling asleep. Then make the pins and needles bigger and pointier. There. That's what I'm feeling in my arms and hands. Ouch.

Stupid mutant ribs. Wish I'd hurry up and manifest as either an angel or a demon from the pit. Don't care which. Just want the pain to go away.


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