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Dragon*Con Eeeeee!

No. More. Schedule changes! Please, please, please. No more, no more. I promise I'll be good. *whimper*

So yeah, D*C is upon us. dude_the is here, although his plane was massively delayed due to mechanical problems, and after he finally got to ATL, they made all the passengers on his plane sit and wait after they'd touched down because of the lightning. The poor guy didn't get in until after 1AM.

Had my own bout of transportation woes this morning. The MARTA was also experiencing some mechanical difficulties, and my train, when it finally arrived, was quite late. And unairconditioned.

The convention hasn't even begun and my eyes feel ready to sear themselves free of my skull. Ugh. Lotso coffee most commenceth.

In less complainy news:
This year, the Daily Dragon is launching a podcast to give con-goers another way to get up-to-date Dragon*Con news during the convention. Stephen Eley, of Escape Pod (escapepodcast), will bring you news, highlights, and his own brand of humor and insight every day.

The first, pre-con podcast for Thursday is now up for download.

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