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Spoke too soon. My dance card explodeth, agh!

With the pocket program now up, I had a chance to look over my Dragon*Con schedule.

I'm also slated for:
- "Shriek! Finding the Horror in Horrible" (WRIT) at 10PM on Friday with Holly Black (blackholly), Eric Griffin, Sherilyn Kenyon, Cherie Priest (cmpriest), and Steve Antczak.
- "YA and Children's Literature" (WRIT) at 11:30AM on Saturday with Diana G. Gallagher, Anthony R. Karnowski, Rebecca Moesta, Brad Strickland, Berta Platas, Eldon Thompson, and Michelle Roper.
- A reading on Saturday at 6PM (Williams).

Meep. A reading. My DC2K group was trying to put together a group reading for D*C, and I would've been okay with being a part of that, but the prospect of doing a solo has me twitching. A lot.

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