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My dance card overfloweth

Ann Crispin, my writing mentor, telephoned last night to ask me to reprise my guest lecture for her Beginners Writers' Workshop at Dragon*Con. I said I would, of course, with the familiar anticipation and terror that I always have when I contemplate public speaking, especially solo public speaking.

I definitely need to revise my talk. The market environment has changed, with some markets folding--most notably SCI FICTION--and others arising, and I want to mention audio 'zines like Escape Pod, Psuedopod, and MechMuse.

I'm also slated for four panels (I think):

- "So You Want to Write a Kid's Book?" with Shane Berryhill, Alan Gratz, Holly Black, and Cassy Clare for bevlovesbooks's YA Lit Track (Friday 5:30PM).
- "The Power of the Old Stories: Mythology and Folklore in YA" with Josepha Sherman, Holly Black (blackholly), and Heidi Heiner (Saturday 4PM), also for the YA Lit Track. (I get to be on a panel with Holly Black! *squee!*)

And two Writer's Track panels. I think one's on horror and the other is on writing YA fiction, but I can't remember when those are.

I always enjoy doing panels at D*C, and yet I always freak out beforehand.

Stupid brain.

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