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Wood-eating visitors

So yesterday for fosteronfilm's birthday, we had many guests over who abused our hospitality. And they're still here! They're small, six-legged, have ravenous appetites for wood pulp, and are uneducated on the nuances of etiquette and good manners, especially the "don't eat your host's house" one and also "don't overstay your welcome."

Yep, we have termites. We'd let our termite coverage slide during the year-o-poverty-and-unemployment, but now that we've got a regular income coming in again, we're taking care of all those things we let lapse in order to minimize the amount of money hemorrhaging out of our savings. Renewing our termite coverage was high on our priority list and good thing too. Seems the little buggers haven't done a huge amount of damage yet, only chewing through one baseboard (which is fortunately no longer on an outside wall, as it's on the side of the house we built a sunroom on during more prosperous times.) But there is a hole there which we'll need to see about calling a contractor in at some point to fix.

The exterminators are charging us $850 to evict our unwelcome visitors. *Gurgle* But, as a bonus, they'll take care of our yellowjacket wasp nest for free.

Sigh. We're sort of over a barrel on this one, so we gave them the go-ahead. We could get an estimate from another company, but we've had Terminix before, and they would charge comparable rates (if I recall correctly), and I wasn't particularly impressed by them.

The creepy-crawlies here are bigger, meaner, and scarier than their brethren up north, one of the few things I dislike about living in the South.


Writing Stuff

- 201-day sale of "A Parade of Taylups" to Aberrant Dreams, my third to these fine folks. Woohoo!
- 254-day French reprint sale to Faeries of "Of Two Minds in Lanais" (which originally appeared in Brigham-Young's Leading Edge in 2004). This is also my third sale to this excellent publication. Yay!

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