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New job, yay!

So I started my new editor jobby at the shiny Capitol building on Wednesday. And I love it here! Not only do I get to see terracinque every day, but this is just the coolest job EVAH.

Been timing the commute and getting it streamlined. Travel time takes me between 1hr 15min to 1hr 30min one way, which is the longest commute I've ever done--bumping my drive when I was in college from Bloomington to Champaign, IL down to second--but most of it is on the MARTA train, which makes all the difference. I can read, write, listen to music and podcasts, or sleep even. So far, the trek up and down the Capitol building steps has felt more arduous. (*pant* I'm so out of shape. *wheeze*)

terracinque took me to lunch on my first day, and walking downtown reminded me of why we decided to move here in the first place when we were contemplating a relocate. I really love Atlanta, its energy and feel. Happy jobness.

However, my other hamsters have gotten a bit more unwieldy, as I've lost some productivity time due to transit et al. With Dragon*Con looming, I'm finding myself way stressed at how much I've got to do still for the Daily Dragon. And I've started getting emails from people clamoring about when we're going to get the program schedule up. Meep.

And we seem to have a wasp's nest nestled at our house's foundation. I discovered it when I went out to retrieve the lawnmower after fosteronfilm got stung when he was mowing the lawn on Tuesday--at which point he hobbled in so I could give him an ice pack, Benadryl, and vasty gobs of sympathy and head petting. (I didn't get stung. I've never been stung by a bee or wasp, largely, I suspect, because when I see them coming, I don't freak or flail, but simply back away. 'Course that means I have no idea whether I'm allergic or not.) Then, because he did not learn from his experience, he went back out yesterday to finish the lawn, and, yep, got stung again. So he's banned from the yard until we get that taken care of. Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive exterminator?


Writing Stuff

Haven't gotten much in the way of new writing done, and for the first time ever, I've got stories languishing that I need to send out. Usually I rapid-fire them back into the marketplace when they get rejected, but I either haven't had the time to do so, or I'm waiting for other subs to clear from markets before I can send them out. Glargh.

- 211-day very cordial, personal, and at times amusing rejection from the Until Somebody Loses an Eye anthology after making it to the final round of consideration. Snartleblast. A lot.
- 3-day "no GUD" from GUD.
- 27-day personal and congenial "sorry" from Pseudopod on a reprint with invite to submit again.
- Email from the MechMuse editor wanting to confirm how my name is pronounced so the voiceover person doing my intro bio thingum for "The Storyteller's Wife" won't get it wrong. He also said my story's slated to be one of the first ones going up for their summer 2006 issue. Very excited. I love hearing my stories read aloud.

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