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No longer having my ass kicked by work

Finished up the program I was working on at work. It actually turned out pretty nifty. I put a few more bells and whistles on the final product than my end user requested, and she's very pleased with them (and me).

Y'know, as sick as it sounds, I actually like programming. I start out with some task that needs to be accomplished, and then when I'm done, I've created this nifty new tool that does it.

Although I could use fewer days like yesterday where I was so sucked into fixing up my program that I didn't even stop for lunch . . .

On writing:

Less warm-glowies on that front. I've hit a wall. Every new paragraph I crank out feels like I'm pulling teeth. And when I re-read what I have managed to force out, I'm disheartened by the level of crapitude I'm producing. Argh.

Slut-bitch-whore muse. Grr.

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