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Retail therapy . . . shiny.

So, yeah, we kind of went nuts yesterday. We went into Best Buy to pick up some DVD-Rs for fosteronfilm to use for the D*C film festival. While there, we also got a 250GB external hard drive and, uh, this:

It's a Sony VAIO VGN-TX750p/b notebook. 1.2 GHz processor, 80GB hard drive, with a DVD-RW. And it weighs 2.76 lbs and can run for up to 7.5 hours on battery! It's my dream laptop. And it's so little! For comparison, we set it next to my HP Pavilion when we got home. I couldn't decide if my Pavilion would eat it, or if it was a mommy computer and the VAIO a baby. So teeny tiny.

I tried and tried to get away, but it seduced me with its tiny cuteness.


Writing Stuff

I'm one of the featured authors in Aberrant Dreams's Writer's Challenge. To participate, select a picture from the ten pieces of artwork on display, compose an outline and synopsis to accompany it, and choose one of the featured authors to write your story. You may also also opt to have one of the characters named after you. If your synopsis is selected, it will be written by the author of your choice and published in a forthcoming issue of Aberrant Dreams as well as a hard cover anthology. So if you want me to write you a story, go play!

Dean Ansley dropped me a line pointing me to the pictures he took at Frolicon. Here's my all-time favorite of one of the panels jackzodiac, tstauffer, and I did, complete with bottles o'booze prominently featured before our giggly-ass countenances:


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