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Brain flying at quarter mast

One of my DC2K writing group friends had a heart attack and is now in the hospital, recovering after emergency surgery. Been getting updates from reddherring1955 as she visits her in the ICU; she's in great spirits and the prognosis is excellent. She's slated to have a triple bypass in three weeks, and everyone's expecting it to go well. She might (although it's a long-shot "might") even be able to make Dragon*Con still! I cannot express the hugeness of my relief that she's doing so well. After the recent loss of my DiL, my emotions are so raw, I was totally freaking about her.

Still trying to catch up on everything that I had to let slide while fosteronfilm and I were in Illinois. I start my new job next week. Yay! But also nervous fretting. Meep. I'm thinking I need to slow down so I can double check my work. I keep screwing up. I've made a slew of editing mistakes, forgotten a doctor's appointment, neglected to reschedule lab work, accidentally thrown away a signed contract slated for the mailbox (and then had to rummage in the trash to retrieve it when I realized what I'd done), and numerous other flake-outs, memory lapses, and oopses.

I'm so frustrated with myself right now!

I've been eyeing the bottle of leftover Prozac in our medicine cabinet, speculating whether it might be time for me to go back on antidepressants. I dunno. I'm definitely in a morass of psychological disequilibrium, but I think it'll pass in a couple weeks or so, when I've caught up on stuff and have established my new work-a-day routine. But right now, it feels like I'm holding it together by focusing on the now, except I keep dropping hamsters, right and left on the now.

If you're waiting on me for something, you might want to send me an email. Odds are, I've forgotten it.


Writing Stuff

Hear ye, hear ye! Jetse de Vries, editor of Interzone, is going to have a vendor's booth at Dragon*Con this year. Jetse is looking for responsible volunteer-types to help man it. Check out this post on the TTA forum for details. There may still be comp badges available. Also, Jason Sizemore, editor of Apex Digest, will be at the same booth, so it's a doubly great opportunity to schmooze.

All you writers attending Dragon*Con who have a little free time during the con should drop Jetse a line!

- "Though I still feel that your story has many lovely elements . . ." rejection from the editor who requested to see my middle-grade novel reworked as a picture book. Damn. Double and triple damn.

This might be a good day for retail therapy. Or ice cream. Although I think I've gained something like four pounds in the last couple weeks. Feh.


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